About us

Ellen & Elysar redefines corporate “appropriate”​ attire​ with a distinguished blouse collection for women, combining a sophisticated modern attitude with an elegant twist. An issue that has plagued working women is finding the right outfit that can commandeer respect from their peers and still exude elegance and grace. First impressions are inevitable and it is almost guaranteed that one’s clothes speak before they do. We at Ellen & Elysar want to bridge the gap between the perceptions of women in corporate environments and to take the agony out of decision-making by providing personalised products that are both sophisticated and tasteful – allowing everyone to concentrate on the content rather than the image.

Our design philosophy is premised on feminine silhouettes tinged with a certain masculine flair. We introduce aspects of Saville Row into female professional fashion, such as collars and cufflinks to empower our outfits. By focusing on figure accentuating cuts and feminine details, we indulge sophisticated elegance in our premium blouse collection. The collection consists of two lines: Ellen & Elysar – these are designed to embrace unique female personas that are embodied in the name of each piece.

For the working women who seek to be in tune with their feminine side while still commandeering respect from their peers, our Ellen line of designs will satisfy their requirements. Whenever they need to deliver a statement, they can rest assured that our blouses’ neat proportions and structured volumes will highlight their ambition and fearlessness. Inspired by Ellen DeGeneres, we want to empower women just like she has, to be admired for their sophistication and strength.

Exuding poise in a corporate board room is sometimes difficult for women, but we want to change that. For the perfect lady, who knows how to balance being both elegant and fierce, our Elysar line of blouses are the perfect fit. She knows how to drive a meeting and reach results but can also flex her passionate and loving personality making empathy her charm.

Local manufacturers

Our products are ethically sourced from Vietnam and handmade by local tailors to ensure that each piece is of the utmost quality.

Communities of Women

We want to empower working women. By wearing Ellen & Elysar, let your natural elegance and sophistication shine through, in or out of the office.


Let us be a part of your professional journey by providing the highest level of customer service and career advice.

Handcrafted cufflinks.

Personalised designs.

Quality fabrics.

Drawings of Ellen & Elysar by Ruan Fei: Follow on Instagram