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  • Dealing with change

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    Change is inevitable. As much as we try to resist and deny, it is an unavoidable constant in our lives. While we would prefer to be in control, the reality is that we are often not. Whether personal or professional, we continually face the challenge of reorganising, revamping and restructuring our lives. However, there is one common factor that everyone experiences with change – our reaction to it. Three actions to consider in the face of change…

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  • Why dress to impress?

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    In the corporate world, the need for women to “dress to impress” is a hot topic for debate. Are we forcing women to conform to a certain ideal developed by the men in our society? Does it really matter what we wear so as long as we get our work done? Many questions arise but no matter what, at the start of each day, we still need to put on something and go to work so why not make it a part of us.

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